Monday, 30 September 2013

Minor Project: Nanny and Grandad's Song

Minor Project Proposal
An Animated Short
Originally I was going to create a digital set capturing my interpretation of my Nan's house, but after a few discussions I have decided to produce an animated short. I felt that although I would have wanted to make a lavish set showing my Nan's house in 'all its glory' it wouldn't be able to convey the emotion behind it, hence the animated short. The project for me is about encapsulating the past happy memories of my Nan's house and how the objects, photographs and memorabilia within in the home tells a story.  

 The final portrayal at the moment is a tad hazy, but so far the ideas are as follows; the camera pans round the room as the objects/memorabilia come alive within it - the vinyl player planning Nanny and Grandad's song, old film footage plays on the old television set and photographs come to life. Other ideas include having my Mum or Aunt talk about different objects/memories they've had in the house over the set animation and/or someone reading a letter that my Grandad wrote to my Nan. The idea is that these fragments/furniture build a bigger picture and an honest, heart-felt portrayal of what was so special and loved about my Nan and her house. 

Below is the photograph my Nanny had done to give to my Grandad.
Rita Mary Jenkins
Within this project I'm going to be very honest and probably share too much emotion - so apologies in advance! - but I need to do this to get my ideas across.  
My Nan passed away early this year, which was a very hard time for me and my family. I don't feel as if I've manged to grieve properly and in doing this project, making what appears to be a time capsule, I feel it'll let me move on and show how much she meant to me, and show how she was a big part of my life and will always be missed and loved.

Below is a photograph of me and my sister in my Nan's kitchen when we were younger, about 19 years ago - yes, I'm the one in the sink that looks like a boy, the frizz developed later!! I wanted to include the photograph to firstly show how in all this time the kitchen has still not changed - we still have the duck in the background - but also show my memories growing up.

Below is the song that inspired the whole project. It's the song my Grandad would rush to play on the piano and sing along to as my Nan walked down the garden path. This will be featured within the animated short.


  1. Love this idea!! I remember you telling me about it and I was sold from the get go =D
    Can't wait to see more, Lydia!!