Monday, 30 September 2013

Photographs of Nan's House

These are a selection of photographs I took of my Nan's house. We are in the process of selling it at the moment so things aren't as tidy as my Nan would have kept it! Taking these photographs was a bitter sweet moment as it was the last time I'll be able to go to my Nanny's house, but in a way I'm glad I took the photographs, not only for my project but for memories. It's strange that when saying my final goodbye and seeing an empty living room and a somewhat flowerless garden I could still see in my imagination the warm, cozy family home that my Nan lived in and my Mum grew up in. This is what I want to encapsulate in my animated short.   


  1. Lovely images, Frizzia - hope today's chat was useful - even though I made you cry a bit - sorry! Anyway - see below :)

  2. This is really sweet Lydia :) beautiful layout! teach me!!

  3. Thanks Phil :) and you were crying too!!!

    Thanks Shannon :)