Sunday, 22 September 2013

Work Experience: VFestival 2013

Over the summer months I was fortunate enough to complete work experience with Butch Auntie, during this time I worked on a project for Virgin Media's V Festival. I was given a variety of concepts to produce from 'crazy collages' with animals and instruments to short 2D animations. I think the most rewarding aspect of doing work experience for a live visual company is seeing the transformation of something you've created on a computer screen being projected into the 'real' world. It's exciting and brings to life the work you've created. I've definitely enjoyed having new challenges, technical and motivational. It has given me more confidence working outside the university environment. Freelance experience gives you creative independence and relies upon you staying self motivated. The work experience has been valuable in appreciating taking directions from a client, as opposed to my individual preference - which is a very important lesson to learn early!

Below is a variety of concepts, clips and footage I created throughout the process of the project. Starting with 'crazy collages', patterns, neon signs and word concepts.

Yet more concepts - this time visualising in terms of 'real space/location'

These were some of the more successful concepts within the project - the last two concepts in particular were carried through and used at V Festival. Below shows the build up of the concepts and drafts.
Concept 1 - 'Crazy Cabaret'

Concept 2 - 'Moon Risers'

Concept 3 - 'Moths and Lights'

Videos and Event Footage
I worked in After Effects to create basic animations that would be projected at the festival. Within the first two sequences I actually created the moths and glowing dust in Maya then composited them into the scene.

This is the event footage where my animation/concepts are projected on the wall behind the singer/DJ for the majority the clip, the best visibility is at 3.34!!


  1. Wooo! Good work Frizzy, I really like the surreal star lit video and image you put up. A balloon moon... genius :)

  2. Hi Fizzgig - this link will make more sense after we talk tomorrow: