Sunday, 6 October 2013

Animated Shorts That Will Have You In Tears: Video Influences

The selection of videos below have become very inspirational to me and my project. Each animation is based upon a recording from either an individual, multiple family members or a husband and wife sharing stories from their lives. The 2D animated concepts brings to life their memories and emotions. It's amazing that within 5 minutes you can be crying about someone you've never met before just by the honesty of the recordings. This is what has inspired me to make my own recordings to play along slide my animated short - I feel it will allow others to understand how important this whole project is to me and bring to life my visual ideas. The plan is to record my Mum and my Aunt reminiscing about my Nan and Grandad and their home together. I feel it's important that it's not scripted as I want the same honestly as the animations below have.

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