Sunday, 6 October 2013

Style Ideas: Influence Maps and Old Pencil Sketches

In terms of style ideas I continued to keep the project personal and think of the childhood books I used to read. Two in particular came to mind; Jane Hissey's Old Bear and His Friends and Mary Ann Hoberman's The Cozy Book (illustrated by Betty Fraser). I feel it's very important that the style conveys a family warmth and the fact I'm using illustrations I loved as child - once again - keeps it sentimental. The style I'm drawn to most is Jane Hissey's, as there's something textural, three dimensional about her illustrations - sketchy colour pencil lines. I like the idea of making the style have a stop-motion feel, something about it that you physically want to hold.    

Below are a few examples of my own colour pencil illustrations. In terms of texturing I think it may be beneficial to hand colour the UV maps with colour pencils - so it's more authentic. I will be creating various Maya experimentations, hence will produce a few tests to see if this idea is worth carrying through to the final animation. 

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  1. Hi Frizzia,

    I've been meaning to point you in the direction of this animation for ages - but it took me ages to find it:

    I think this will resonate with you. I want you to pay special attention to the use of sound and the 'fragment/see-thru/line-art' style, which I think is something you should consider in terms of evoking memory etc. I think this animation is a wonderful thing - let me know what you think :)