Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Timetable Check-up 7

Time keeping has gone out the window right now! 1 week till hand in!

Animating Photographs 2 : Tests and Final Outcomes

This selection of animated photographs/postcards will be composited within the travel cabinet - once again the movements have been made more obvious so that when placed within the final renders, the animations stand prominent.

Progressional Screenshots
Test composites in after effects to check timings and movement/animation

Progressional Screenshots
Using 3D animation + modelling/texturing and 2D photo layering within Maya to bring one of the holiday snaps to life [Still processing]

Friday, 25 April 2014

Animating Photographs : Tests and Final Outcomes

Photograph Animation : Nanny's Timeline
Below is a compilation clip of the photographs animated to be placed into photo frames during a section of my animated short. The idea being it's a visual timeline through my Nanny's life - the camera pans along the beauty table passing by photographs of my Nanny through the years.

[The animated photographs will be placed accordingly within the below render]

Particle Dynamics Tests
3D Animated components - animated particle emitters using motion paths and replacing particles with flowers/petals. [Top; PreVis Motion Paths and Particles, Below; Render of Floral Particles]

Travel Cabinet Animations
Cyprus Postcard tests - as much as I prefer the subtle animation in 01, 02 will be the chosen animated postcard, as the final animation will be projected into the scene as a smaller component - therefore more obvious movement is needed.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

DRAFT: Soundscape 03


- Blending and tweaking needed for Travel Cabinet section (1:12-2:00)
- Voice sound effects need to be added subtly in various sections
- NEW 2:00-2:27 [sfx need to be added/tweaked]

Timetable Check-up 6

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Animation Update

Due to the fact I could not find the photograph discussed within a section of the voice over I had to change tactic - I managed to salvage the scene with what seems like a more appropriate choice of voice over. Within the new voice over my Nan's 'prim and proper' appearance is brought up and how she always remained well dressed and turned out, from when she was a young 20 year old girl to later years. Hence the additions to the dressing table help illuminate this; lipsticks, hair clips, pearls, hair spray! Within the frames there will be photographs of my Nan - from a young girl to a mature woman - a timeline of her life - these will be animated subtly as the camera pans across dressing table.  

Friday, 28 March 2014

Test Renders

The Piano

In the voice over the piano was described to be black - but after testing out several colour changes I decided to alter the soundscape as the brown piano was more visually pleasing.

Lounge [Test]

Render Sequence Tests [Colour Tweaking Needed]

Thursday, 20 March 2014

DRAFT: Soundscape Draft 02

Notes:  Nanny and Grandad voices to be added at various points during the soundscape

DRAFT: Soundscape Draft 01


Notes: Travel section still needs more SFX

2:00 to 2:40 may need to be cut - due to the fact it may not work as an animated short

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Animating Photographs - Test 01

This is two quick/short tests to see how effective animating photographs could be in terms of using this technique within my animated short.  

Animation Inspiration

The type of animation I will use within 'Nanny and Grandad's Song' will range from 3d to 3d dynamic effects to rotoscoping to basic 2d animation. I wanted to use a mix of techniques to experiment with the different medium, as well as animate the voice over in a subtle, 'magic' real way i.e. to bring to life a story with blinks of a photograph, the movement of a curtain blowing in the wind etc. One of the main techniques to bring the voice over to life is by animating the photographs - the idea that a photograph captures a moment in time, then animating it - extending the single image - pops it back into life, you get a stronger sense of the moment shared by those present, creating a stronger emotional attachment to the stories and memories being reminisced. The idea that a moment in time is frozen and can keep being relived over and over again. Below are a few examples of animated photographs.     

Flicker Test - creating the illusion of a three dimensional space

Below is an animated short of famous paintings being brought to life through subtle movement - just like the way the photographs have been animated.

An example of one of the tutorials I watched to investigate how to animate my own photographs - this one in particular was the most helpful.

Below are other inspirations - either looking at interesting techniques or camera angles/pans.

Mr Hublot - Oscar Winner for Best Animated Short 2014
- Interesting Camera Shot 3:02-3:28 -

Paperman - Interesting technique of  collaborating 2d and 3d animation
Although I would love to potentially create a similar technique for my animation it seems the time constraint is an issue, as well as a lack of reason to explore this concept i.e. what will it add to the project and final piece?

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Amendments to Scene 5

Edited Scene 5 - pacing nearer the end needs to be tweaked
Scene Transition Test 5 - instead of the burn effect (shown in the previs) this is the desired effect - needs more experimentation

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Touchstone Crit

Statement of Intent
To Create an Animated Short

is an animated short based on the true story that my Mum told me; when my
Nanny and Grandad were younger they lived next door to each other
and when they started courting my Nan would walk down the garden path 
to see my Grandad. He would rush to play the piano and sing their song 
- ‘I’ll Buy That Dream’. 

My Nan passed away recently and I wanted to encapsulate these 
special memories of her as a way to celebrate her life and show how much she
was loved. Growing up, my Nanny’s house always held such warm, happy 
memories so I wanted to bring to life my Nan’s life and home through
objects, memorabilia and photographs - telling stories through them.

The project started with my Mum and Aunt recording a conversation on the last 
day they visited my Nanny’s home, the home they grew up in, before passing
it onto the new owners. It captures their memories of Nan and
Grandad, their Mum and Dad, and the home they loved. It’s an honest and 
heart-felt reality of a family and their home.

The short film will animate the voice recording through slow camera pans
through the digital set, with ‘magic real’ moments where the house and its 
contents come to life to tell stories of special times and precious memories
of a home and a family.

PreVis Drafts

Film Still

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Major Project : Rendering Times

Estimated render times - an eye opener! Think I might just need my own rendering farm! The rendering times have been cut significantly since the start of the project - from 33 minutes to now roughly 5 minutes per frame. Below is a chart estimating how long the animated short will take to render - however scene 5 is still being finalised and rendering times may be cut significantly when the scene is fixed in terms of animation ideas and a possible use of live action footage. 

Example Renders and Timings

Monday, 3 March 2014

PreVis: Rain Test

Rain Tests 01, 02 and 03
Testing particles and editing the splash from the rain drops
Editing final renders within After Effects - colour/saturation/contrast
Test 02 and 03 contains part of the voice over used within the scene

Major Project : Timetable

After a discussion with both of the tutors a timetable for the remaining weeks was constructed to keep me on the straight and narrow! This timetable will be posted weekly on the Monday morning to show my progression - hopefully!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

What's In My Head: Planning The Animation


Useful Links I've been investigating

How To Animate a Photograph