Thursday, 6 March 2014

Touchstone Crit

Statement of Intent
To Create an Animated Short

is an animated short based on the true story that my Mum told me; when my
Nanny and Grandad were younger they lived next door to each other
and when they started courting my Nan would walk down the garden path 
to see my Grandad. He would rush to play the piano and sing their song 
- ‘I’ll Buy That Dream’. 

My Nan passed away recently and I wanted to encapsulate these 
special memories of her as a way to celebrate her life and show how much she
was loved. Growing up, my Nanny’s house always held such warm, happy 
memories so I wanted to bring to life my Nan’s life and home through
objects, memorabilia and photographs - telling stories through them.

The project started with my Mum and Aunt recording a conversation on the last 
day they visited my Nanny’s home, the home they grew up in, before passing
it onto the new owners. It captures their memories of Nan and
Grandad, their Mum and Dad, and the home they loved. It’s an honest and 
heart-felt reality of a family and their home.

The short film will animate the voice recording through slow camera pans
through the digital set, with ‘magic real’ moments where the house and its 
contents come to life to tell stories of special times and precious memories
of a home and a family.

PreVis Drafts

Film Still

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