Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Timetable Check-up 7

Time keeping has gone out the window right now! 1 week till hand in!

Animating Photographs 2 : Tests and Final Outcomes

This selection of animated photographs/postcards will be composited within the travel cabinet - once again the movements have been made more obvious so that when placed within the final renders, the animations stand prominent.

Progressional Screenshots
Test composites in after effects to check timings and movement/animation

Progressional Screenshots
Using 3D animation + modelling/texturing and 2D photo layering within Maya to bring one of the holiday snaps to life [Still processing]

Friday, 25 April 2014

Animating Photographs : Tests and Final Outcomes

Photograph Animation : Nanny's Timeline
Below is a compilation clip of the photographs animated to be placed into photo frames during a section of my animated short. The idea being it's a visual timeline through my Nanny's life - the camera pans along the beauty table passing by photographs of my Nanny through the years.

[The animated photographs will be placed accordingly within the below render]

Particle Dynamics Tests
3D Animated components - animated particle emitters using motion paths and replacing particles with flowers/petals. [Top; PreVis Motion Paths and Particles, Below; Render of Floral Particles]

Travel Cabinet Animations
Cyprus Postcard tests - as much as I prefer the subtle animation in 01, 02 will be the chosen animated postcard, as the final animation will be projected into the scene as a smaller component - therefore more obvious movement is needed.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

DRAFT: Soundscape 03


- Blending and tweaking needed for Travel Cabinet section (1:12-2:00)
- Voice sound effects need to be added subtly in various sections
- NEW 2:00-2:27 [sfx need to be added/tweaked]

Timetable Check-up 6

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Animation Update

Due to the fact I could not find the photograph discussed within a section of the voice over I had to change tactic - I managed to salvage the scene with what seems like a more appropriate choice of voice over. Within the new voice over my Nan's 'prim and proper' appearance is brought up and how she always remained well dressed and turned out, from when she was a young 20 year old girl to later years. Hence the additions to the dressing table help illuminate this; lipsticks, hair clips, pearls, hair spray! Within the frames there will be photographs of my Nan - from a young girl to a mature woman - a timeline of her life - these will be animated subtly as the camera pans across dressing table.