Friday, 25 April 2014

Animating Photographs : Tests and Final Outcomes

Photograph Animation : Nanny's Timeline
Below is a compilation clip of the photographs animated to be placed into photo frames during a section of my animated short. The idea being it's a visual timeline through my Nanny's life - the camera pans along the beauty table passing by photographs of my Nanny through the years.

[The animated photographs will be placed accordingly within the below render]

Particle Dynamics Tests
3D Animated components - animated particle emitters using motion paths and replacing particles with flowers/petals. [Top; PreVis Motion Paths and Particles, Below; Render of Floral Particles]

Travel Cabinet Animations
Cyprus Postcard tests - as much as I prefer the subtle animation in 01, 02 will be the chosen animated postcard, as the final animation will be projected into the scene as a smaller component - therefore more obvious movement is needed.

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